Best Human Hair Wigs in the World


Hair wigs have gained so much popularity in the last few decades that they can be worn as a fashion accessory, for baldness or for hair prevention purpose. Days were gone when you have to deal with number of hair issues and feel ashamed about it. Now, the hair wig game has transformed so much that you cannot tell the difference between the actual and wig hairs. There are varieties if wigs available in the market but here in his article we will discuss the best out of all and from where you can buy them.

There are different type of customers in the market who need wigs for different purpose which may vary from a need to hide baldness to just opting for a new look. Online market is flooded with so many hair wigs which are made up of real hairs and some of synthetic. As the quality of the wigs the different there may be huge variation in price as well. So confused what to buy and from where? Read this article and you will be sorted.

Difference between Human Hair wigs vs Synthetic wig:

Always invest in good human hair wigs as they look more natural and can be treated like actual hairs by using flat or curling iron. The difference in human hair wigs and synthetic wigs is in the fiber. There is no need to style synthetic hairs again and again even after washing them as the style remain intact till few washes. However, in case of real human hairs wigs you need to re-style them after washing as you do to your real hairs.

What are Remy Hair wigs and why they are so costly?

Remy hair wigs is one of the most expensive wigs in the list. The reason why they are expensive is because of the process to clean, dying and making human hair bundles is expensive. They are said to be the best quality wigs in the market as the origin of hairs or the quality of hairs of the donor is amazing.  The cuticle layer in Remy hairs remain intact and move in one direction which makes the wig look like more shiny, classy and de-tangled. In the Remy hair wigs you can choose among the different hair type like Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian or Indian hairs with different hair texture like Curly, straight, body wave or natural waves.

Best Human Hair Wigs, Best Human Hair Wigs in the World

Is Remy hairs are good to invest in?

Yes off course, Remy hairs are one of the best quality hairs which has nothing to do with the grades of the original hairs like A, B or C. There are many wigs for women in the market but investing in good one is like investing in a jewellery which enhance your look and makes you feel more confident. Definitely, Remy wigs need extra care but anything for that sparkling look.

Further classifying there are two types of wigs available in the market which is full lace and lace front.

Difference between full lace and lace front wigs?

Full lace hair wigs are fully covered with lace underneath which make them more secured and can be used to do different styles on the hair. However, front lace wigs have lace portion only at the front area which makes hair line looks more real.

Front lace Wigs:

Lace front wigs has a small portion of sheer lace in which human hairs are weaved in the holes of the lace. These wigs are easy to put on and off and cheaper in price as compared to full lace wig. Due to hairline in lace they look more natural and gives you the option to experiment. But due to small lace portion there is risk of slippage and less flexibility with these kind of wigs.