Best Wigs for Black Women


Fashion has gone to a new level in past few year. Fashion trend change every single day and you need to be updated. In older times, hair wigs were worn only to hide baldness or any other hair issues. But, in today’s date hair wig has been given a new definition altogether. It has been used as a fashion accessory and to try different looks which you can experiment with your own original hairs. There are so many wigs available in the market both online and offline that it is very difficult to pick the right one for you.

If you are confused about your perfect match then this article is for you. Market is flooded with variety of wigs which are differentiated between human hairs and syhumannthetic wigs. As the name suggest, human hairs wig are made up of real human hairs which are processed, dyed and made in bundles. However, synthetic hair wigs are made up of very fine plastic fibers which are manufactured to look like human hairs.

Human hairs vs Synthetic Hairs

As we had already discussed the main difference between human hair and synthetic hairs we will now see how they differ in terms of usage. Human hair wigs are costlier as comparison to synthetic wigs that’s because they are made up of real human hairs. Secondly, you can treat human hair wigs same like your natural hairs by using flat or curling iron and washing them occasionally with a shampoo. However, in case of synthetic hairs as they are made up of plastic fibers so you cannot iron them at all.

When you wash human hairs with shampoo you need to style them again as per you wish however, for synthetic hairs the style will remain intact even after washing them again and again. Human hairs being so costly are still better than synthetic hairs because it solve the purpose of looking good without anyone identifying that you have applied a wig on your hair.

There are many websites which sells wigs for women with different hair type. But, this particular website is an amazing option to buy wigs for black women. Most of the women in the world have black hair type be it Indian or African so this website called “Beauty forever” offers so many options of black hairs. You will find hairs with different textures like body wave, Jerry curly, Water wave, Natural wave, straight, deep wave, kinky straight and kinky curly. You will find variety of Brazilian hairs over there with options like full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, 13*6 lace wigs, 13*4 lace wigs, 13*3.5 lace wigs, 4*4 lace wig.

Best Wigs for Black Women, Best Wigs for Black Women

Which hair wig to select to get perfect natural look?

If you are planning to buy hair wigs then invest your money on human hair wigs only to get that fine, classy and natural look. You will find a category called “Remy hairs” which is the top most rated hair wig. The reason why it is said best quality because the origin of the hairs is of best quality. Secondly, the process of transforming human hairs into wigs like cleaning, dying and bundling is very expensive. These hair wigs are the most expensive one but no one can tell the difference between your original hair and the wig. They mix and match with your original hair which is unrecognizable.

The specialty of Remy hairs is that the cuticle layer of these hairs remain intact and move in same direction due to which hairs look shinier, classy and without any tangles. You can buy Remy hairs wigs in different textures like straight, curly, body wave, natural wave or deep wave.

After throwing some light on Remy hair we will further differentiate the type of hair wigs available in the market on the basis of their usage.

Hair wigs are available in bundles, lace frontal closure  and full lace.

Best Wigs for Black Women, Best Wigs for Black Women

Hair wigs Bundles:

Hair wigs bundles are comparatively cheaper than lace hairs. You get the hairs in the form of bundles which you can apply or wear in weave hairstyles. As compared to lace hair wigs they are a bit complicated to wear and you need expertise to get perfect look. These bundles are available in different textures and you can select hairs which perfectly matches your hair color and texture. In beauty these bundles are available in different virgin hair weave type like Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair.

Best Wigs for Black Women, Best Wigs for Black Women

Lace Frontal closure:

Front lace wigs have small portion of lace attached to the hairs in the front area which make look hair line more natural. The only drawback of this hair wig type is that they are less secured as compared to the full lace hair wigs. These hair wigs are less flexible so you have very less options of hair styles in them but they are cheaper in price and if you are a beginner and looking for a hair wig then this is the best option for you.

Best Wigs for Black Women, Best Wigs for Black Women

Full lace wig:

These hair wigs have hairs weaved all over the lace which cover the whole head. They are more secured because your whole crown area got covered with the lace which makes this hair wig more flexible. Also, you can try many hair style out of it because as they cover the whole head there are very less chances of slippage. As compared to front lace, they are more costly due to the fine weaving done and there versatile use.

Best Wigs for Black Women, Best Wigs for Black Women

So my friends I hope through this article you got the idea of which wig to buy and now you can invest your savings in a better way.

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