How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs


There was a time when no one was much aware of hair wigs and there was very rare customer of that in the market. But, as we are moving into the new decade it is seen that everyone is aware about it and most of them are using them for different purposes.

Earlier, human hair wigs were used mostly for hiding baldness but now both men and women are using them as fashion accessory to look different.

With the changing trend, customers of hair wigs ask for different variety which looks more natural. If you are looking for human hair Wigs online or offline, be ready to spend a good amount from your pocket. There are still some websites which managed to sell nice quality human hair wigs at decent price. Let’s see what points you need to look before buying wigs for yourself.

Check your hair type:

That’s the most important thing you need to check before buying any hair wig. Look if you have curly hairs, straight hairs, body waves or deep waves and buy the wig accordingly. Do not compromise with hair texture and buy something perfectly matching your hair texture to get more natural and effortless look.


As now a days, wigs are being purchased more as a fashion statement. So, it is very necessary to check the density of the wig which you are going to buy. If your natural hairs are heavy then you can opt for lower density wigs which cost you way lesser then high density wigs.

Colored Wigs:

Pretty obvious that you should buy wigs according to your natural hair color. There are four types of human hair wigs options available like natural hairs, blonde, colored hairs & highlights. You may opt what suits you best on your look.

Let’s checkout different human hair wigs available in the market:

Lace Frontal closure:

Lace Front Closure is a hair wig which goes from ear to ear and is sewn with roughly 3-4 packs of hair. A Lace Front Closure wig is utilized when you need to recreate the whole hairline from ear to ear and around 2 crawls back. Frontals are likewise extremely well known with ladies who have footing alopecia or diminishing edges. Lace front closure can be styled in different manner by doing side or middle parting. They are less flexible as compared to full lace hairs. But, they are way more cheaper than full lace hairs.

How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs, How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs


How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs, How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs

If you are blonde girl then you should try 613 bundles with closure. You can get them in different bundles of 3 or 4 with frontal and closures as well. Again, you can choose them according to your hair texture with different varieties like bob wigs, lace front, 360 lace front, fake scalp wigs, full lace and glue less wigs.

Ombre bundles with closure :

How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs, How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs

 Ombre bundles with closures are good for people having black/brown hairs and want to give an ombre effect without getting colored from a salon. The price range of these wigs starts from USD $120 to $160 which is decent price because they are up of 100% natural Unprocessed hairs. You may choose closure length and hair weft length according to your choice. If your height is good than choose high leangth hairs otherwise you may opt for small length hairs as well.

Brazilian hair bundles with closure :

How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs, How to choose Best Human Hair Wigs

Brazilian hair bundles with closure are most popular among people for its versatility. They are best suited for many hair type and available in different textures, colors as well as styles. As compared to Indian hairs, Brazilian hairs are much more silkier and shiner. They can be matched with any hair style and much more smoother and soft.

Full lace wig:

These hair wigs have hairs weaved in such a way which can cover the entire head. They are more secured as compared to the front closure one. Because they cover the whole head and are more secure so, obviously they are costlier than the lace front wigs. They cost from US $100 -160 but are perfect for the people who are facing the issue of baldness or thin hairs.

All the hair wigs are available in Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Indian Hair.  Human hair wigs needs a lot of maintenance as they are 100% virgin natural hairs so, they require the same treatment as your natural hairs needs. Unlike Synthetic hair wigs, you can apply hot iron on the hairs to get more natural look. Human hair wigs are good is someone is looking to get semi-permanent long hairs with natural look. You can also opt for extensions and we suggest you to always choose Remy hairs as they are of supreme quality. Remy hairs also last long with seamless tips which prevents tangling and shedding.

I hope you guys got an idea about types of hair wigs and what precautions to take while purchasing a right one for yourself.

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