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How to Get Rid of a Blocked Nose


Blocked nose is a very common problem and most people get a stuffy during cold and specially at night while sleeping. Although this is not a serious health issue but its very annoying and creates disturbance in day to day life. So in this article I will tell you how to get Rid of blocked Nose overnight.

Nasal congestion happens when the blood vessels inside the nose become inflamed and the nasal tissues are swell.In this article we will discuss the best home remedies and treatments for stuffy blocked nose instantly.

Luckily few treatments are quite easy to perform which give relief in blocked nose instantly overnight.

1. Take Vicks VapoRub Steam
2. Use Saline Spray
3. Drink Ginger water
4. Drink Hot Soup
5. Try Neti Pot
6. Drink a lot of water
7. Acupressure Method – Apply Pressure Across Your Eyebrows
8. Drink Tea of Ocimum Tenuiflorum (Tulsi) + Black Pepper + Ginger
9. Drink Turmeric Milk
10. Take Anti Allergic Medicines

Each treatment depends on the cause of blocked nose so lets discuss each method in detail.

Take Vicks VapoRub Steam

This is the most effective and instant method to clear blocked nose. There is no need to buy or use any machine for this treatment. Take a metal pot and fill it with 2-3 liter clean water, keep the pot on gas stove and boil the water. Once the water will boil put Vicks Vaporub ( approx 10-15 Grams ) in the water. Now inhale the hot steam which comes out from pot. Do it for 15 minutes and during this method do not inhale the cold air so close AC and fan before doing this treatment. After doing this treatment cover your face from warm cloth for next 10 minutes.

This treatment is works best just before going to sleep.

Use Saline Spray

Saline nasal sprays are the safest to use for all ages of people because they are drug free. Saline spray contains salt and sterilized water only which does not harm even after longtime usage or regular use. There is no side effect of saline spray and it loosen and clear mucus in the nose immediately.

Drink Ginger water

This is a homemade remedy which is very effective and works well when nose is blocked due to cold. Take one 1.5 cups of water and take approx 20-25 grams of ginger and smash it. Keep the water on gas stove and put that mashed ginger in the water. Boil the water until it becomes half in quantity and than drink it slowly slowly. Ginger is considered hot for body so this remedy works also when your throat is not well due to cold.

Drink Hot Soup

A hot chicken soup helps a lot in clearing mucus from nose as it is a mild anti-inflammatory. If you do not like chicken soup than you can choose to drink other hot soups as well because during runny nose body becomes dehydrated and intake of liquid is very important to maintain the balance of water.

Any hot drink during runny nose helps body to recover fast.

Try Neti Pot

Neti pot is a kind of container which is available on stores and on Amazon as well. The process of using Neti pot is not very easy but after the practice of 2-3 times you will get use to it. This method originally performed by Yogis in India and this is one of the common exercise which is teach while learning yoga in India. This treatment gives the instant relief from blocked nose and you must try this as there is no side effect of doing this.

If you want to know how to use neti pot than we will recommend you to check the videos on youtube.

Drink a lot of water

Runny nose creates a lots of dehydration which can make the situation more worst. You are suppose to drink much warm water to make your mucus thin and allow it to drain faster from your nose and sinuses. This is not overnight method to fix your blocked nose but it will give relief with in few days.

Acupressure Method

 Use the tongue and press between eyebrows : The premise of this technique is to reduce or remove
the excessive amount of mucus, which leads to blockage of the sinuses.

Acupressure can be a great help in this case. By simply press  certain points on the body in order to trigger the fluid flow and you will eliminate  mucus and improve breathing.You should push the tongue flat against the roof of the mouth cavity. At the same time, press a finger against the skin between the eyebrows and hold thus for 20 seconds.As soon as you release the finger and the tongue, you will feel the movement towards the back part of the
tongue as the accumulated mucus gets softened.

This treatment is again drug free and can be done by any age of person. You can checkout this video for detailed information about the process.


Drink Tea of Ocimum Tenuiflorum (Tulsi)

This is very effective home remedy for runny nose due to cold or allergy. Tulsi leaves are one of the best natural anti allergic and antibiotic in nature. In this treatment you have to make the tea with the ingredients tulsi leaves, Black Pepper and smashed Ginger. Try to take green leaves if not available than buy dry leaves from store or online.

I hope that you all know how to make a tea. In case you do not know than please check it out on Youtube. Tea making is hardly a 10 minutes process and it will 100% work for blocked nose.

Drink Turmeric Milk

How to Get Rid of a Blocked Nose, How to Get Rid of a Blocked Nose

Some people suggest that milk should be avoided during nasal congestion but combination of hot milk with turmeric powder gives great relief. You can definitely try this as this natural home remedy do not have any side effect. You just need to boil the milk and add 1/5th spoon of turmeric power in it.

Take Anti Allergic Medicines

In case the above method does not work than go to a doctor. Most of the time doctors give anti allergic medicines which works well.

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