How to Style Your Kids in Suits


In this article we will discuss the tips for How to Style Your Kids in Suits. Getting children to wear their first suit can be a challenge but inevitably there will come a time when they need to dress up for a family wedding or christening or other significant event, where a suit will be required.

In today’s world where fathers don’t necessarily wear suits to work on a daily basis, asking a young boy or teenager to don one can become even more of a challenge, but there are a few ways to help get your kids styled in suits of their own.

We asked the team behind Dobell – an online source for mens suits, and they were kind enough to give us tips on how to your little ones in their own classy suites.

 Take them shopping

While most boys have a staple wardrobe of school uniform, jeans and joggers, you can start encouraging suit style by taking them shopping for some more grown up clothes, for example, shirts with proper collars, and leather shoes. Let them choose their own formal clothes so they don’t feel like it is all being imposed upon them but encourage them to try new styles.

 Show them how fun it is to dress up

If your children are reluctant to wear suits then turn it into a dress-up game and get them to try different coloured accessories, choosing their own ties, even if it’s an elastic-based one for children. By involving them in the choice of their suit they will find the whole process of styling up more fun and interesting.

 Be a style role model

If you are trying to style your kids in suits show them how you wear your suit and be a role model. If you always look scruffy and have scuffed shoes and ill-matched outfits it will be far more of a fight to convince your children to be more stylish.

Teach your children how to mix and match different colours by being stylish and co-ordinated yourself and showing them a variety of fabrics, patterns, styles and how to dress for different occasions.

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 Make sure their clothes fit

It can be tempting to buy children clothes they will “grow into” but if your kids are uncomfortable in their suits, with trousers that they trip over, or jackets which hang off them and are too long, they will not be happy.

Choose proper fitting clothes which they will be comfortable in, particularly if they have to wear them all day at a wedding, and then they will be happier and more likely to be willing to dress up again in the future.

 Choose a suit that suits their age

Suits don’t have to be boring and drab – if they are your kids are even less likely to want to wear it. They can be smart but still age appropriate so go for bright colours and fun accessories to keep them feeling young.

 Try a mini-me approach

Kids love to emulate their dads, so if your child is truly reluctant to wear their first suit then go for the mini-me approach and get them a suit which matches perfectly with dad. That way it will be fun and cute at the same time.

Boys love copying their dads and love to make their dad’s proud of them so using the mini-me approach for younger children could be a great way to help style your youngsters more easily.

 Start small

If your child won’t go for a full suit straight away then try starting small – maybe they can wear a tie out to the shops, or wear dress shoes to a friend’s party. They can build up to wearing the full suit over time, once they have got used to all the pieces.

 Give them creative freedom

At the end of the day kids will be kids so while you may want them to be smart they still need to be creative and be themselves, so give them the chance to experiment and make the suit their own.

Whether they want different style ties, crazy colour shirts, or to wear shoes which just don’t go, they need the chance to express themselves and still be children as this will make it far less of a battle and far more likely they will be willing to get dressed up.


Dressing your kids up in a suit can be a challenge but with a little encouragement, guidance and the chance to take some control and be creative, they will soon learn that dressing up is great fun.

With the chance to emulate their father, young kids will jump at the chance to dress in a mini-me suit, while the older ones will be proud to have stylish clothes which fit well and will gain admiration at family events.

Styling your kids in suits needn’t be a battle – if you meet halfway, remember they are still children and let them be as involved as possible, they will enjoy the experience with you

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