New Hairstyles for Girls


Girls always want to look stylish and never hesitate to try something new. Hairs plays a very important role in your over all look and personality. With summer extending further, it is important for girls to keep themselves comfortable and be stylish at the same time. Managing hairs can be a real troublesome task during summer. The hair needs to be tied properly, so that the person does not face discomfort due to heat at any point of time. Hence, it will be a wise idea to plan for hot and good hairstyle that will be appreciated by everyone around. Here we will discuss the popular and new hairstyles for Girls.

 1. Soft Waves Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Girls, New Hairstyles for Girls

Soft wave hairstyle is quite common and suitable for those who have long hairs. Soft waves are a substitute for stick straight blowout. During summer, there can be done all blowout with soft waves or movable curls. So, with this style, it is possible to ventilate and dry the hair simply hanging the head upside down to allow additional volume.

2. Braids Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Girls, New Hairstyles for Girls

This hairstyle takes little more time in getting ready but this is suitable for both short hairs and long hairs. This summer is likely to display different types of braids that are expected to be in style, ranging from milkmaid braids to side braids and halo braid.

Because it is multifaceted, it is possible to braid divide the front hair to finish a well crown. It offers style and the highest femininity.

3. Simple Bobs Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Girls, New Hairstyles for Girls

Simple bobs are the the latest summer hairstyle for girls with short hair to make the person feel good and comfortable. Girls look very cute in this hairstyle. It is longer when compared to the pixie and can easily facilitate funky and short hairstyle that can be sizzling.

4. Pixie Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Girls, New Hairstyles for Girls

This is a popular bun hairstyle that makes the person to feel bold. To have this style, it is necessary to cut the hair short by layers for messy, buzz and longer pixie. Some hair accessories and bleach can help wear the pixie to be with on-trend fashion.

5. Bedhead Hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Girls, New Hairstyles for Girls

There are many who feel a bit lazy to dress up and would like to leave for work with their muddled bedhead. The messy bedhead hairstyle actually is single of summer hairdo. It is a simple, but effective hairstyle for those with medium length hair.

6. Messy Up dos Hairstyle

Messy up dos are a perfect choice to combat summer heat. Irrespective of the hair quality, it is possible to derive this look. The tresses are found to be ultra-straight and appear fabulous on hair, not washed for couple of days or so. Draw together the hair randomly to drag it up. Then lock it with bobby pins and allow some strands to come complimentary in front.

7. New Buns Hairstyle

It can be a baggy stylish side bun; feminine, gorgeous ballet bun or a top knot pretty bun. To have that messier gaze put down few hair free or place braids leading reverse towards the bun to enjoy fashionable style. For those with long or medium length hair, it is indeed a fabulous and exciting hairstyle.

8. Cute Beach Look Hairstyle

Cute beach look can be sported even if the person is not planning to visit the beach. It is the perfect hairstyle that is sure to rock this summer. It appears similar to a top bun and is cute looking. Hairband if placed on the head crown will make it appear all the more attractive as well as suitable for those having cute faces. So, this hairstyle can be sported by any woman irrespective of the face type.

9. Greaser Hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyle undoubtedly is a wonderful one for those who prefer mess-free fashion. A type of gel is to be slicked down the tresses to make the hair shimmer and appear damp, much similar to having stepped right out of the pool.

10. The celebrity look Hairstyle

The celebrity look is meant for those girls aspiring to carry that celebrity image or become a celebrity. So, it can be sported at any party dressed in fancy and fashionable apparel. But the hairstyle does require plenty of work and this will definitely require the help of some smart and experienced friends or the services of a professional stylist to ensure getting this look.

11. Long easy look Hairstyle

Long messy style is just perfect for those having nourished, long hair. So, it also makes the woman to appear beautiful and alluring and is intended mainly for summers. Braids can be done from sides to bottom, which is what makes the style all the more special. So, it is among the best looking hairstyles for those girls who prefer to wear black dresses.

12. Mermaid waves Hairstyle

This style is all about natural looking and gorgeous waves that make the person to appear like being just ruined on the beach, offering that real ‘beachy’ look. Crimper or hair curler is to be used to attain this look.

13. Medium or Long length blonde looks

Blond hairstyle is sure to offer that much adored cheer leader look. In the middle are present smart patterns and front is something which makes it simple to sport and also attractive. This hairstyle does not require any fancy attachments required and is real easy to attain as well as effortless to carry around.

So, one can select any of the above given hairstyle and sport it with grace and elegance.

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